Est. January 2020

What are the services you offer?

  • Merch PH Group Order
  • Pasabuy/Pahanap Service
  • Purchase Assistance
  • Korean Address Lending (Rental)
  • How does your Pahanap works? We will help you find what you are looking for. All items will be shipped from Korea. Our part is to find good deals and give you a quotation. Once we found the item that matches your budget, we'll send you the actual photos from the KR seller. Full payment is required to secure your item unless you're a regular customer. We will not require you to buy the item. If you think it's beyond your budget or you've already found the item you can SAY NO. We will not pressure you. 
All fandoms are welcome!
         You call fill out this form and we'll look for it on Korean sites.
         If you can't click the link, copy and paste it on the address bar of your browser.
  • How does your Pasabuy works? Simply send us the link of the item you want to purchase and we will send you a quotation. You need to pay the total amount first before we secure your item.
  • How does Purchase Assistance works? There are two types of purchase assistance that we offer.
  1. Purchasing paid media content on Weverse. You must be willing to share your log-in credentials and we will purchase the content. Full payment is needed to avail this service.
  2. Website check-out assistance. You have your own Korean address but cannot purchase on Korean websites. Send us the link and we'll send you a quotation. If you want to proceed with the purchase then pay the total amount and provide your shipping details in Korea.
    • How does Korean Address Rental works? This service is for those who knows and who can purchase on their own accounts. This is like a box sharing service in other shops. You will use our Korean address and your order will be shipped together with our box. The fee collected here is per item, and it includes the fee for using our Korean address, and international shipping fee. You will still need to pay for the local shipping fee from our PH address to yours.
    • Where are your products from? Our products are mostly from Korea. We order them through various Korean websites, Korean sellers, and official stores. We also sometimes open group orders in Japan.
    • What is your mode of payment? We accept payments thru BPI, GCash, and Paypal.
    • What is your mode of delivery? We have same day delivery for those residing in Greater Manila. Our main courier is Gogo Xpress, and LBC.
    • Do you have Shopee? No, we don't. 
    • Do you collect shipping fees in advance? We collect delivery fee for Lalamove (KSPH own riders) before the delivery schedule. Shipping fee for Gogo and LBC is Cash on Delivery or Cash on Pick-up. You will pay the delivery fee for Lalamove own booking.
    • Can I combine my orders in a single shipment? Yes, you may do so as long as they will arrive at the same time. 
    • Do you accept rush orders? No rush orders. We wait for our boxes to be full before we have them shipped to Philippines. If you are an impatient buyer, please do not place an order.
    • Can I cancel my order? Strictly no cancellation, or cancel your order but any amount paid will not be refunded or you will need to pay a cancellation fee of P500 or 50% of your total due whichever is lower. This is on a per order basis. No cancellation fee for reasons of sudden price increase and out of stock.
    • What happens if I received a damage item? We will require you to send us a clear unboxing video to prove that you received a damaged item. Couriers require this when filing claim.
    • Can I pay after the deadline of payment? Yes, we offer extension of payments but with a fee of P50/day or 50% of your total remaining balance whichever is lower. Computation of late fees is on a per order basis. Please be mindful of your DOPs since they are always indicated on the description. In any case that you really can't pay when your order is due, please let us know ahead of time. This applies to all customers, regular or new customers.
    • Why do you collect cancellation fee and late payment fee? This is to protect our shop from irresponsible buyers. Once you place your order, we secure them immediately and sometimes they are already secured even before you order. We pay for them first and we give you a date of payment. If you can't be responsible enough to pay when it's due, then please do not place an order.
    • What is holding period? Holding period is the time that we can keep your order from the time of arrival. All orders that remain unclaimed for 1 month will be forfeited.
      We can't hold and store your items for too long as we don't have enough storage. We will put them up as ON HAND SALE if we do not hear from you.
    Fulfilled - Order has been confirmed and has been added on our masterlist.
    Paid - Payment has been verified/received.
    DP - Down-payment
    FP - Full payment
    DOP - Deadline of Payment
    ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
    TBA - To be announced
    TBR - To be released
    OOS - Out of Stock